Goal Achievement

As a Full Focus Professional Dr. J helps individuals achieve the “Double-Win;” i.e. win at work and succeed at life. To achieve the Double – Win, you must be succeeding in each of the nine Life Domains.

Work – Money – Hobbies – Body – Mind – Love – Family – Community – Spirit/Faith

Goal Achievement

However many highly motivated people tend to overinvest in some life domains and underinvest in others. If you don’t plan your life, someone is planning it for you using success criteria that probably do not align with your own.

Personal Mission

By discovering your Personal Mission, you will develop a sense of meaning. You will have a “True North” that is your personal compass to guide you.

Core Values

We don’t so much decide on our core values as we discover them. Our Core Values are generally encoded in our DNA. Understanding your Core Values will give you clarity on what really matters.

Current Trajectory

Only when you understand your Current Trajectory, can you know if you are on track to achieve your Personal Mission in a way that is consistent with your Core Values.

10 - Year Life Vision

Our future is created twice; first in our mind and later in reality. When you clearly understand your Life Vision, you can create a plan that ensures that future becomes reality. This is not some “think it into being” program. Dr J’s proven process helps create a specific and achievable plan by helping you create a clear and compelling vision of your future.

Dr J uses the time – proven Full Focus tools to help you achieve your goals in each of the nine Life Domains

Life Focus

is a gamified approach to life planning that is easy, fun and gives you a GPS for the next ten years.

Full Focus Planner

Research shows that we are more likely to achieve our goals when we write them down with pen & paper instead of just remembering them in our mind or recording them digitally. The Full Focus Planner helps you create successful years, by building on successful quarters, which build upon successful weeks that were built on successful days. The Full Focus Planner helps you eat the Success Elephant one bite at a time. You don’t have to do it all today. You only need to do the one next right thing that will lead to the fulfillment of your Personal Mission in a way that is consistent with your Core Values.

Personalized Goal Achievement Coaching

Dr J tailors his coaching to your Personal Mission, Core Values, Current Trajectory and 10 - Year Life Vision.

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In the meantime, please read War and Peace to stimulate your thoughts in my unique strategic planning process.