Our Process

We listen. There is an old saying in Oklahoma, “You don’t take down a fence if you don’t know why it was built.”  There are three distinct phases in creating an effective strategy: 1) Analyze, 2) Decide, & 3) Execute.

In order to create the best possible strategy for your organization, JCG will begin by listening and analyzing the unique strengths and weaknesses of your business as well as the opportunities that your organization faces.

Our Process

Built on a foundation of empirical, data-driven research on creating successful strategies and refined through over twenty-five years of JCG’s creation of best practices.

Analyze | Decide | Execute

Many results driven leaders are tempted to jump right to the “Decision-making Phase” of creating their strategy. The risk in that approach is the Decision will be based on erroneous assumptions. 

JCG’s approach places and equal emphasis on rigorous analysis and uncompromising execution.   The results speak for themselves.

Empirical Research & Proven Best Practice

JCG’s approach is not based on the latest management fad or research that has not been proven in practice.  Instead JCG extracts the synergy that is created from applied research and proven best practices.


Some people erroneously view strategic planning as a once a year event. That is a recipe for failure. Your strategy should be a “process” and not an “event.”  JCH partners with you from the Analysis phase through Execution to ensure your success. Reports are a natural by-product of that process. However, JCG’s goal is “results, not reports.”

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