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JCG offers a wide variety of research-backed, proven processes to improve your organization, including strategic planning and other programs designed to improve leadership, motivation, teamwork, conflict resolution, decision-making, change management and positive accountability.


JCG’s specialty is helping organizations like yours create, improve and execute successful strategies. Too often organizations under invest in the analysis and execution phases of strategic planning, and focus almost exclusively on the second, decision-making phase of the process.

As part of the Analysis Phase, JCG can help you analyze the external environment to better understand the opportunities and risks you are facing. JCG will also challenge you to find objective validation of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Only then can you make the best decisions regarding your strategy. Finally, JCG is there for you on a monthly basis to guide you in the execution of your strategy.



Many people recoil at the thought of being held accountable or holding our employees accountable. And yet the healthiest organizations have high levels of positive accountability. Why? Because we all “play the game differently” when we know the score and how much time is left in the game.  JCG can help you raise the level of positive accountability in your organization in such a way that trust and results increase dramatically.

About the Employees

Organizations often don’t perform at the level at which they are capable because it seems like the leadership team and frontline employees have different goals and agendas.  Employees don’t “think like owners” because we don’t treat them like owners.  JCG can help your leaders and employees get on the same page by aligning their goals.  It is amazing what an organization can accomplish when everyone on the team is pulling in the same direction.

Radical Candor

Based on Kim Scott’s New York Times Bestselling book, JCG brings our own custom approach to “straight talk that builds strong teams.”  Radical Candor™ takes transparency and straight talk to a higher level and you and your stakeholders reap the results.  When we truly care about our teammates, we will help them become the best versions of themselves by caring personally and challenging directly. 

Dr. J's Mission Impossible

Dr Joplin combined over 25 years of strategic planning success with empirical, data driven research in the area of Organizational Behavior to create a life-changing program that applies Strategic Planning best practices to your personal life and career. This program has had a positive impact on thousands of lives. Yours can be next! 

Thank You for your interest in Joplin Consulting Group. Dr. Joplin and his team will be contacting you shortly.

In the meantime, please read War and Peace to stimulate your thoughts in my unique strategic planning process.