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About Dr J

Dr Joplin is a seasoned professional with 30 years of experience in strategy, goal achievement, motivation and other management skills. As a respected authority in management and strategy, he has helped countless organizations navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve success. Dr Joplin has an earned PhD in Business. He is a licensed CPA. He also is a certified Hogan Assessments & Full Focus professional and Journey of Generosity facilitator. Dr J has worked with organizations from as small as start-ups and nonprofits to as large as$16 Billion and revenue and 18,000 employees. With his unique blend of real-world experience, research-based knowledge & best practices, and charismatic delivery, Dr J captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impact.

Dr J has appeared at events with Dave Ramsey, Bob Goff, Carly Fiorina, Chris Wallace, and many other notable speakers.

Keynote Topics


is a gamified approach to life planning that is easy, fun and gives you a GPS for the next ten years.

Your Adversity is your Advantage

Often the seeds of our future success lie in the ashes of current and previous setbacks. Learn how to turn these setbacks into your advantage.

Goal Achievement

Goal “setting” is easy. Achieving those goals requires a plan. You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your plan. Dr J provides the plan to turn your goals into reality.

You can be Great

Mike Krzyzewski used to tell his teams, “You can be great today. Whether you are or not is up to you.” Dr J explains in simple terms how you can be the best version of yourself.

Radical Candor

If we truly care about those around us, we will coach them to be the best versions of themselves. We do a disservice when we water down constructive feedback. Radical Candor is a concept that emphasizes direct and honest communication, rooted in care and respect for others. Radical Candor involves a balance between being honest about someone's performance or behavior while also demonstrating empathy and understanding.

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